Courses 286 and 517 as electives (Linguistics double major)

Even though most elective courses are 2-credit courses, there are also two 3-credit courses that can be taken as electives by students in any of the Linguistics double major programs (for the expanded major, these are required courses):

  • Phonetics and Phonology (286)
  • Research Methods (517)

In order to avoid having a 'redundant' credit beyond the BA requirements, it is recommended to take both of these courses as electives; in that case you get 6 credits, which counts as if you had taken 3 'regular' (2-credit) electives.

Another option, for students with very high grades who are capable of independent study, is to take one of the above courses and also do a 1-credit honors paper, which involves writing a paper on a topic that you study independently of any course, under the supervision of one of our faculty members. For details about the possibility of doing an honors paper please contact the Linguistics undergraduate coordinator.