BA Linguistics programs

Undergraduate coordinator: Dr. Yael Greenberg (

 About the BA program in Linguistics 

The BA program in linguistics in our department is designed to give students a solid background in the core areas of phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, as well as in more applied areas such as psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Studies in the department take place in English, but this is not the only language being studied; the approach in the department is that of general linguistics which aims to study human language and the human linguistic capacity. A BA in linguistics in our department provides students with the tools for analyzing any human language- English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian or any other language.

Tracks for BA Studies in Linguistics

Students have a wide choice in BA programs in linguistics including:

  1. Expanded major in linguistics (without studies in other departments).  Requirements
  2. NEW Combined expanded major: an expanded major within the department combining mostly linguistics with a smaller number of courses in literature.  Requirements
  3. The following planned double majors:
    1. Linguistics and English literature, for students interested in doing all their studies within the English department.  Requirements
    2. Linguistics and brain science, for students who want to focus on language processing and brain research.  Requirements
    3. Linguitics and French.  Requirements
  4. Unplanned double major: equal specialization in linguistics and another area of studies.  Requirements
  5. "Major at your own pace" - New option for students whose jobs or other commitments leave them with less free time for taking classes. The requirements are the same as in the regular major, but they are taken over a five-year period, with fewer courses required each year.  Requirements

Additionally, the direct MA program allows highly qualified undergraduate students to complete an M.A. without a thesis within four years of beginning their undergraduate studies or an M.A. with a thesis within five years.

The documents listed above also give you a sense of what each year of study is like:

  1. First year: foundation courses
  2. Second year: advanced and elective courses in a number of areas
  3. Third year and beyond: advanced courses and seminars

 Key to course numbers


introductory courses

Required introductory courses for 1st year students



Advanced elective seminars for 2nd year students and above

500 advanced/elective courses Courses for 2nd/3rd year students (may be open to 1st year students as well)
800/900 graduate seminars Seminars for masters and doctoral students that are open to qualified advanced BA students

For more information about courses, see this page.

Questions and advising

If you have any questions related to the BA in linguistics, you may contact the department office or the undergruade coordinator, Dr. Yael Greenberg:
In particular, even though registration for courses is done independently through the internet, you are encouraged to contact us with any questions related to the choice of courses and planning your own timetable.