Constraint: New Issue of Our Creative Writing Journal

The Winter 2016 issue of the Ilanot Review, a journal run by graduates of the BIU English Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing program, is now available online at The theme this time is "Constraint," with alumnus Anthony Michael Morena as the issue's guest fiction editor, and our own Dr. Ilana Blumberg as guest editor for creative non-fiction. 

As the editors note, "Constraint might be viewed negatively, as limiting, but to the artistic mind a constraint can function as a dare that raises the creative stakes, a spur to the imagination, an invitation to play a more complex game. To our surprise, this theme provided an encounter with the height and breadth of literary creativity. . . . We were overwhelmed by the ambition and playfulness with which writers responded. Whether it was through traditional literary forms (sonnets, sestinas, ghazals, haikus, centos), personalized word games, constructs borrowed from other fields, or simply outrageous variations on the theme, we received an outpouring of wild human spirit."