Linguistics publications


Expository Discourse: A Genre-based Approach to Social Science Research Texts

By Beverly Lewin, Jonathan Fine, and Lynn Young

This work provides a detailed and explicit account of the genre of social science research articles. It presents a comprehensive model which characterizes the generic, registerial and discoursal options as they interweave within a text.

Language in Psychiatry: A Handbook of Clinical Practice

By Jonathan Fine

This book analyzes hte language of the full range of psychiatric syndromes, including communication disorders, psychotic disorders, autistic spectrum, mood and personality disorders from a systemic functional linguistics perspective.

How Language Works: Cohesion in Normal and Nonstandard Communication

By Jonathan Fine

Jonathan Fine, presents a range of qualitative and quantitative studies on the use of cohesion, including developmental, autistic spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, and bilingual populations.

Events and Grammer

By Susan Rothstein

In recent years, the study of events and their role as implicit arguments of predicates has been at the center of much important work in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface.

Predicates and Their Subjects

By Susan Rothstein

An in-depth study of the syntax-semantics interface focusing on the structure of the subject-predicate relation, and arguing that the predication relation cannot be reduced to a thematic relation or a projection of argument structure, but must be a purely syntactic constraint.

Structuring Events: A Study in the Semantics of Aspect

By Susan Rothstein

A semantic theory of lexical aspect, the semantic strucutre of the lexical aspectual classes, and how these dictate possible verb meanings and constrain how verbs are used in language.

Bilingualism: The Sociopragmatic-Psycholinguistic Interface

Joel Walters

In Bilingualism, Joel Walters blends psycho- and sociolinguistic perspectives in a single framework, treating phenomena such as codeswitching, interference and translation.

Current Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics

Edited by Sharon Armon-Lotem, Gabi Danon and Susan Rothstein

This volume presents a collection of specially commissioned papers devoted to analyzing the linguistics of Modern Hebrew from a number of perspectives.

Theoretical and Crosslinguistic Approaches to the Semantics of Aspect

Edited by Susan Rothstein

The papers in this volume investigate the semantics of aspect from both a theoretical and a crosslinguistic point of view, in a wide range of languages from a number of different language families.


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