Linguistics in Clinical Research

The Department of English at Bar-Ilan University offers a unique M.A. program in Linguistics in Clinical Research, intended for outstanding students with a B.A. in Communication Disorders, Psychology, Brain Sciences, Special Education or similar fields, who are interested in getting a deeper understanding of the linguistic basis of their field. The studies greatly deepen the students’ understanding of how language works and deal with issues important to Israeli society, including first and second language acquisition, the cognitive and neural basis of reading acquisition and dyslexia, language assessment in multilingual societies, linguistics characteristics of psychiatric disorders, and more.

The program of studies includes courses in general linguistics meant to provide the student with a solid foundation in areas such as phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics; as well as advanced courses and seminars in specific research areas, such as the acquisition of morphology, syntax and semantics, language and schizophrenia, language and autism, language and reading disorders, specific language impairment, and bilingualism. Students who are interested in performing independent research may choose research topics that integrate their previous knowledge with the linguistic knowledge that they acquire, making use of the areas of expertise of the faculty members in the department. Some of the topics of research of our former students: linguistic characteristics of stories told by bilingual children with developmental language impairments, understanding logical relations and questions in autism, the acquisition of reading and vocabulary in Arabic, Russian-Hebrew bilinguals' syntactic understanding in Russian, and more.

The language of instruction in the department is English; courses in adjunct departments (Brain Sciences, Psychology, Education) are in Hebrew. Students who do not have full control of academic English are encouraged to apply. Our faculty all do advising in Hebrew, and students' research has dealt with English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and other languages.

Degrees Offered in this Program:

M.A. with thesis (track A)

For research-oriented students who may want to continue to Ph.D.


  1. Two required seminars: Psycholinguistics and Research Methods (37-922) and Introduction to Syntax and Semantics (37-987)
  2. Five seminars with research papers
  3. Guided reading (37-868)

The full requirements for track A are listed in this document.

M.A. without thesis (track B)

For students who want to deepen their understanding of language and language processing as they pertain to clinical issues.


  1. Two required seminars: Psycholinguistics and Research Methods (37-922) and Introduction to Syntax and Semantics (37-987)
  2. Nine seminars with research papers in 3 of them.
  3. Guided reading (37-868)

The full requirements for track B are listed in this document.


For outstanding students who develop research projects within the areas of interest of the graduate faculty.

Courses beyond the M.A.: 6 seminars with research papers in 2 of them.


For the MA and PhD programs, applications should include:

  1. CV
  2. Scanned formal transcripts of prior studies (all of them), including all the course names, instructors and grades
  3. Scanned diploma(s)
  4. If you are interested in a PhD, please send also:
    1. A writing sample in English, such as a seminar paper or an honors thesis
    2. A letter describing your research interests, about 1-2 pages long (written in English)

The application should be sent by e-mail to the graduate program coordinator ( or to:

Graduate program in Linguistics in Clinical Research

Department of English

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan 52900


For academic questions contact:

Professor Elinor Saiegh Haddad

Department of English

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan 52900

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