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Literary Translation

A new offering from the English Department at Bar Ilan University:

MA in English Literature with a Focus on Literary Translation



As the world shrinks and interest in multiculturalism grows, so too does the fascination with literature from around the globe.  Unfortunately, the rate and level of literary translation has not kept apace with demand.  The vast majority of literary translators are untrained and ill-equipped to master the many requirements of the genre, which, in the words of Susan Bernofsky, a prominent translator of German and director of Literary Translation at Columbia University, includes no less than the ability to write good literature: “When we translate literature, we are writing literature, and the text of the translation must adhere to the highest standards of literary quality at all times.” 


It is the goal of this program to train a new generation of literary translators who will help bring world literature in a variety of languages to the English language and the English reading public.  For this task, Bar Ilan University is uniquely qualified, with an English Department that offers the advanced study of literature and literary traditions, creative writing in several genres, and hands-on work in literary translation.


The core curriculum

Required course - 829- Literary Conversations: Introduction to Advanced Studies in Literature

2 Translation Workshops (courses 726 and 727)

3 additional graduate literature seminars (course number starting in 7xx or 8xx - see the 2015-2016 program here)

1 Creative Writing Workshop

2 Jewish Studies courses

One-on-one mentoring: all students will receive a full-year of one-on-one mentoring with a faculty member for the purpose of completing a creative thesis: the translation of a manuscript (or partial manuscript) in poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction.



BA degree or equivalent

Fluency/near-fluency in English

Competency in ANY second language

Writing sample: 15-25 pages of translation or creative writing or academic seminar paper

Statement of purpose

NOTE: Students without a BA in English literature or a related field may be required to take several basic literature courses.


If you are interested in applying, please first send a writing sample and statement of purpose to Prof. Evan Fallenberg (littransbarilan@gmail.com), and we will advise you how to proceed from there. 


For specific content questions write to Prof. Evan Fallenberg: littransbarilan@gmail.com

For administrative issues: Bar Ilan English Department – 03-5318326/8

For additional information about our department: http://english.biu.ac.il/



On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, we celebrated the end of our first semester of literary translation studies with a one-day conference featuring the talents of accomplished guests as well as our own fabulous students. To see the program and photos, click here.




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