Graduate Research: Retrieving lost voices from the Holocaust

Sanna Lonfors, a student in the Shaindy Rudoff Creative Writing Program, combines research and creative non-fiction in her M.A. thesis project, "Meine geliebten, goldenen Kinder: Silenced voices from the Holocaust," written under the supervision of Prof. Evan Fallenberg. Sanna's thesis is, as she describes it, "a creative nonfiction work based on authentic letters written in German by two Holocaust victims, as well as letters written by some of their family members. Based on the translated correspondence and various historical sources, museums and databases, my thesis tells the family’s history from the 1920’s to our time and tracks their until now mostly unknown footsteps across Europe during the early years of World War II. The thesis is a mixture of letter excerpts, historical events and my experiences with translating the letters and travelling to the various places mentioned in them."