Tsuris and Other Literary Pleasures



The Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing 


invites you to


Tsuris and Other Literary Pleasures:

An International Creative Writing Conference


in honor of Allen Hoffman's Retirement


Sunday-Tuesday, May 6-8, 2012,  Bar-Ilan Campus,  Beck Auditorium unless otherwise indicated



Sunday, May 6  Tsuris and Humor, An Evening with Allen Hoffman and Joseph Skibell

17:15-18:00         Reception in honor of Allen Hoffman's retirement

18:00-20:00       Readings and Conversation with Allen Hoffman and Joseph Skibell


Monday, May 7   Other Literary Pleasures

9:30-11:00         Panel discussion on Hoffman's writing, moderated by Michael Kramer, with Sharon Baris     Bill Kolbrener and Shira Wolosky, with Linda Zisquit reading comments by Steve Stern, Melvin Bukiet, Mark Mirsky and Sidra Ezrachi

11:30-12:30     Readings by Hoffman's graduates: Janice Weizman, Sophie Judah, Shantam Zohar and Judy Labensohn


13:45-15:30       Storytelling Across Cultures : Open writing workshop with Rob Handel

16:00-17:15        Poetry discussion with Fulbright Visiting Scholar E. Ethelbert Miller and Joy Katz

18:30-20:00       Poetry reading with E. Ethelbert Miller and Joy Katz


Tuesday, May 8       More Literary Pleasures: A Day of Open Workshops

10:00-11:30               Creative nonfiction with Joseph Skibell and E. Ethelbert Miller

12:00-13:30                Poetry with Linda Zisquit and Joy Katz

14:00-15:30                Fiction with Evan Fallenberg and Joan Leegant

16:00-17:30                Reading by Fulbright Scholars E. E. MillerR. Nadler and J.Newberry

Tusday, May 8       The 6th Annual Shaindy Rudoff  Memorial Evening in memory of                                                     Founding Director Shaindy Rudoff, z"l   in Feldman Auditorium

17:45-18:30             Reception

18:30-20:00            Suddenly, A Knock at the Door

                                   Reading by Etgar Keret and in conversation with Evan Fallenberg


All sessions are free and open to the public.  


We thank the United States-Israel Educational Foundation, The Lechter Institute for Literary Research, the Kaplan Program for American LIterature and The Lewis Family Foundation for International Conferences for their support.