MA and PhD Policies and Forms

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Proposal regulations and forms:

1. Each proposal must be read by one reviewer. The reviewer can be within the Department.

2. If the reviewer does not teach at an Israeli university (i.e. either at an Israeli academic college or an institution abroad), the suggested reviewer must send a recent CV with indication of current academic rank.

3.The advisor(s) and student must complete and sign the following form.

4.The Advisor should send directly to the reviewer the following form. The form must be completed and signed.

5. If the reviewer makes comments for revision, the student must complete the following form, which needs to be signed by both the advisor(s) and the student.

6. After the reviewer sends back the form please send to the following forms and information:

a. The Proposal

b. The  forms. please make sure they are signed.

c. The reviewers full name, name of university where he teaches, and rank of the reviewer.

here are the instruction of how to submit the prposal:


Defending the Thesis

Please schedule a defense only after checking the students file including grades with the office.Thank you!

The defense committee must include at least three members.Faculty judges may be serving at the rank of lecturer or above (i.e. "Marze", "Martze Bachir” or “Professor")

Please fill in the following forms and send them in, signed by everyone:

1. The Judges form -form number 1

2. The Advisors forms-form number 2 

3. The Chair of the committee's forms-form number 3 andnumber 4 - all three: judge advisor and chair have to sign       this form

4. The student sends to from the Main Library :

      a. An electronic copy of his thesis and only after s/he received an approval from Smadar Wisper,          Librarian an via  email

      B. This form stating that once it will be safe to submit a  hard copy to the main library s/ he will                    bring  one in. Please include your full name and i.d. number to the letter  and this form too.

      C. A letter from the Department Office approving to submit the thesis.

The student should turn to the office to get her/his letter confirming s/he fulfilled all her/his requirements.

Leave of Absence

If for some reason you cannot continue your studies please email  Mrs. Michal Giladi  your full name and id number, and the reason why you cannot continue. Once your are ready to rturn, fill in a request via inbar.

MA Students forms

Change of Status form(טופס שינוי מעמד)

late paer request form

changing tracks form

request for extension form should be submitted in cases where an extension is requested either a) to the deadline for submitting the proposal or thesis or b) to the completion date for finishing course prerequisites or the BA degree.

more forms may be found here:



1. Each proposal must be read by two reviewers, one from within the university and one from outside the university. The list of suggested reviewers should be sent to the departmental office before the reviewers receive the proposal.

2. If the reviewer does not teach at an Israeli university (i.e. either at an Israeli academic college or an institution abroad), the suggested reviewer must send a recent CV with indication of current academic rank.

3. Advisors-form for advisors 

4. Reviewers- form for reviewers

The member of the committee are: Prof. Sharon Armon Lotem, Dr. Lior Laks and Dr. Natalia Meir for Linguitics and Prof. William Kolbrener, Prof. Jeffery Perl and Prof. Kramer for Literature.


Dissertations together with other forms are submitted directly to the PhD Committee to:

Proposing judges: Please submit form #2 (below) with a list of proposed faculty judges serving at the rank of senior lecturer or above (i.e. "Martze Bachir” or “Professor", not “Martze”).  Propose three judges from Bar-Ilan, either from the department or other departments, and three judges from outside Bar-Ilan, either in Israel or abroad. If any of your proposed judges is not a university faculty member in Israel (for example, a foreign scholar or a faculty member at a teaching college in Israel), the proposed judge’s CV and current academic rank must be provided. In the event that you cannot list three judges from the department faculty with the relevant expertise you must name five other judges accompanied by an explanation justifying your request.

please submit the following;

1. Digital copy of the full dissertation

2. Cover pages in English

3. Cover pages in Hebrew

4. Form  number 1 for the advisor 

5. form number 2 for advisor

6. Form including guidelines for the students



Student form in cases such as: extending the date of submission of the proposal or the thesis, extending the date of finishing the prerequisites. you can also use the student form in English

Progress report form