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Policy Chart- Grades and Exams

Updated September 29, 2020


Who Can Approve Requests

Status Policies

Inbar > Administrative Requests > Request Submission >

בקשת פטור/ הכרה בלימודים קודמים  > המרת ציון מספרי למילולי

Department Chair Only

Request to change a course to pass/fail for all students (the course must be determined as such ahead of time under רשומת נושא)


Department Chair and Faculty Dean


Oral exam required*

Request for an individual student to submit a paper in lieu of an exam for the current academic year- may be approved under special circumstances and only if the student has not yet taken the exam

(The given grade can then only be pass/fail*)

Contact the department

Department Chair, Faculty Dean and Status Committee


Oral exam required*

Request for an oral exam for an individual student (Pass/fail grade only)


Department Chair, Faculty Dean and Status Committee


Oral exam required*

Request for an individual student to submit a paper in lieu of an exam- when the student has failed the course numerous times in the previous year- may be approved if the course is delaying the student's completion of the degree. The grade given must be 60 or under

Form- BA***


Department Chair and Status Committee


Request for late submission of a paper- up to 3 years late

Form- BA***


Department Chair, Faculty Dean and Status Committee


Request for late submission of a paper- between 3-5 years late

(Over 5 years cannot be approved)

Contact the department



Instructor only!

Department Chair

Request to change a grade from the current academic year:

Up to 10 point variance

More than 10 points' variance



Contact the department

Department Chair, Faculty Dean and Status Committee

Request to change a grade from the previous academic year **


Will not be approved!

Any request to resubmit a paper/workshop/exercise in order to improve a grade will be denied


- All requests must first be approved by the course instructor

* In case of an exceptional request, once approved by the department chair and Dean, the request must then be submitted to the Status Committee

** Grade changes based on an appeal must be approved within a month of the original grade's publication

*** For MA, this form is to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies



Proposal regulations and forms:

1. Each proposal must be read by one reviewer. The reviewer can be within the Department.

2. If the reviewer does not teach at an Israeli university (i.e. either at an Israeli academic college or an institution abroad), the suggested reviewer must send a recent CV with indication of current academic rank.

3.The advisor(s) and student must complete and sign the following form.

4.The Advisor should send directly to the reviewer the following form. The form must be completed and signed.

5. If the reviewer makes comments for revision, the student must complete the following form, which needs to be signed by both the advisor(s) and the student.

6. After the reviewer sends back the form please send to the following forms and information:

a. The Proposal

b. The  forms. please make sure they are signed.

c. The reviewers full name, name of university where he teaches, and rank of the reviewer.

here are the instruction of how to submit the prposal:


Defending the Thesis

Please schedule a defense only after checking the students file including grades with the office.Thank you!

The defense committee must include at least three members.Faculty judges may be serving at the rank of lecturer or above (i.e. "Marze", "Martze Bachir” or “Professor")

Please fill in the following forms and send them in, signed by everyone:

1. The Judges form -form number 1

2. The Advisors forms-form number 2 

3. The Chair of the committee's forms-form number 3 andnumber 4 - all three: judge advisor and chair have to sign       this form

4. The student submits the thesis to from the Main Library. Before doing so, be sure to follow the following steps:

      a. Send an electronic copy of your thesis to Smadar Wisper, our Librarian, for approval at: 

      b. Once Smadar sends you her approval that the thesis is ready, email Chelsea at: She will then send you a letter from the department. Send this letter to Tamar, along with:

      c.  This form.

5. Submitting a Hard Copy of the Thesis: Print out a hard copy of your paper once it has been approved by the library staff. Bound the paper according to regulations, and place it in the Book Return box at the entrance to the Central Library. In the case of a Corona Lockdown, the printed thesis can be submitted once restrictions have been lifted..


Leave of Absence

If for some reason you cannot continue your studies please email  Mrs. Michal Giladi  your full name and id number, and the reason why you cannot continue. Once your are ready to rturn, fill in a request via inbar.

MA Students forms

Change of Status form(טופס שינוי מעמד)

late paer request form

changing tracks form

request for extension form should be submitted in cases where an extension is requested either a) to the deadline for submitting the proposal or thesis or b) to the completion date for finishing course prerequisites or the BA degree.

more forms may be found here:



1. Each proposal must be read by two reviewers, one from within the university and one from outside the university. The list of suggested reviewers should be sent to the departmental office before the reviewers receive the proposal.

2. If the reviewer does not teach at an Israeli university (i.e. either at an Israeli academic college or an institution abroad), the suggested reviewer must send a recent CV with indication of current academic rank.

3. Advisors-form for advisors 

4. Reviewers- form for reviewers

5. Correction form (once the student has made corrections to the proposal)- form for advisors

The member of the committee are: Prof. Sharon Armon Lotem, Dr. Lior Laks and Dr. Natalia Meir for Linguitics and Prof. William Kolbrener, Prof. Jeffery Perl and Prof. Kramer for Literature.


Dissertations together with other forms are submitted directly to the PhD Committee to:

Proposing judges: Please submit form #2 (below) with a list of proposed faculty judges serving at the rank of senior lecturer or above (i.e. "Martze Bachir” or “Professor", not “Martze”).  Propose three judges from Bar-Ilan, either from the department or other departments, and three judges from outside Bar-Ilan, either in Israel or abroad. If any of your proposed judges is not a university faculty member in Israel (for example, a foreign scholar or a faculty member at a teaching college in Israel), the proposed judge’s CV and current academic rank must be provided. In the event that you cannot list three judges from the department faculty with the relevant expertise you must name five other judges accompanied by an explanation justifying your request.

Please submit the following;

1. Digital copy of the full dissertation

2. Cover pages in English

3. Cover pages in Hebrew

4. Form number 1 for the advisor 

5. form number 2 for advisor

6. Form including guidelines for the students


PhD Final Steps

After you fulfill the following requirements and you have received the Graduate School's approval, your name will be included in the list of degree recipients. Graduation date details will be sent to you at a later date.

Should you wish to publish your dissertation, please note the following requirements that can be found in the research student terms of study, chapter 13, clause 6:

“Any research student who publishes his/her research or any part thereof, in print or any other public media, via the university or other publisher, or in a scientific journal, shall add to the body of the text a statement that the research was carried out in partial fulfillment of the doctoral degree at Bar-Ilan University, with an acknowledgment of the advisor, department, and date of dissertation approval.”

Final Steps Before Conferment of Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Click this link to fill out the eligibility form required to complete your degree. Your request will be sent to the Tuition Division who will confirm that you have no unpaid invoices, and to the Central Library to make sure all books have been returned and that you have submitted your dissertation.

Please submit your dissertation to the library within two weeks of receipt of this letter (if June, immediately).

After the confirmation from the Tuition Division and the library, the School of Graduate Studies will approve the request and prepare the eligibility documentation.

Below are detailed Central Library guidelines for the submission of your dissertation (to be completed in addition to the other “Final Steps”):

  1. Give your advisor/s a final printed copy of your dissertation.
  2. Give the Central Library (circulation, on ground floor) a final printed copy of your dissertation.
  3. Bring the Central Library a copy of the signed dissertation submission form (this is the form that accompanied your dissertation submission, signed by your advisor and you).
  4. Before you submit your dissertation to the library, make sure it has been written according to the guidelines as detailed by the School of Graduate Studies.
  5. Dissertations are to be submitted to the Central Library dissertation processing unit on the main floor. You must schedule an appointment online via the library website, and make sure you receive a confirmation.
  6. Please submit one printed copy to the Central Library as well as a PDF version on a flash drive/disc-on-key (to be returned to you).
  7. The Central Library will send a digital copy to the National Library in Jerusalem (according to the law).
  8. Make sure all books on loan, including inter-library, have been returned.
  9. The PhD Section of the School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to request additional copies of student dissertations.

Generally, a number of documents are required in order to receive a certificate of eligibility for the PhD degree. This includes a confirmation that you submitted your dissertation to the library and a confirmation from the library that you do not owe any fees.

Currently, due to the restrictions associated with the Coronavirus outbreak, in order to receive an eligibility document you are kindly requested to email the following forms to

  • Digital form of your dissertation
  • Library Statement using this form

In addition, please send an email to The School of Graduate Studies confirm that you have submitted your dissertation to the library and that you have paid/have no library fees using the form above.

The School of Graduate Studies will issue your certificate of eligibility for the degree even without depositing a printed copy of the dissertation in the library, and in the absence of approval of the absence of loan debts, yet only after submitting the electronic copy of the work.

Upon the return to regular work (post-Corona), you will be required to submit a printed copy of your dissertation in the library within two weeks.

The awarding of the PhD certificate and participation in the ceremony will be conditional on the submission of the dissertation to the library and confirmation from the library of the absence of fees.


Student Form in cases such as: extending the date of submission of the proposal or the thesis, extending the date of finishing the prerequisites. you can also use the student form in English

Progress Report Form