We offer full tracks in poetryfiction, creative nonfiction, and literary translation


Over the course of two years (or three, if you extend the program), you need to take: 


1.  three writing workshops at the 900 level.

"Prose Workshop" is appropriate for fiction or nonfiction writers and is open only to them (and will be taught this year by Ayelet Tsabari).The other workshops are clearly labeled as fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry. You are eligible for two workshops in your own genre (Prose included for both CNF and fiction), and one outside your genre. 


You should consider whether you would prefer to "frontload" these workshops and take two your first year and pone your second year, or vice-versa. Please keep in mind that the second year is also the year in which you write your thesis. Consider whether one or two workshops would suit you better as you work on the thesis. It is a personal decision. 


2. You are also required to take three literature seminars, which are upper-level courses, from 700 and upward, ideally courses at 800-level. (I recommend not taking 919, Advanced Academic Writing unless you have aspirations to do scholarly writing.)  you may find the list on our timetable:          Timetable


3. You are required to take Jewish Arts Seminar (37931), which is a course about the long traditions of Jewish writing and assumes no previous knowledge. However, you may substitute a different seminar if you are not Jewish and the subject is less interesting to you. All students are welcome. 


4. Jewish studies courses: Bar-Ilan University requires all Jewish MA students to take two courses from the Basic Jewish Studies listing, outside the Department of English Literature and Linguistics: if you completed your B.A. at Bar Ilan, you need only two credits. If you did not, you need four credits. (Most of the tests are multiple choice and some of the instructors may allow you to be tested in English.)

Non-Jews may substitute the Jewish Studies courses with two general courses from any department. They may not be taken with in the department. 

List of Jewish Study courses (in Hebrew)

list of Jewish study courses in English


NOTE: The English Literature requirements defined above are valid for those students who do not have to take prerequisites. Students with little background in English literature will be asked to take between one and four additional courses in English literature.

In order to complete the MA within two years, you will need to write a thesis proposal for your creative work at the end of the first year and submit and defend the thesis by the end of the second year. You will not be allowed to submit and defend your thesis until ALL your coursework is completed.The thesis proposal will be introduced to you in a zoom workshop. 

All administrative questions should be directed to Ms. Chelsea Mosery-Birnbaum Academic questions may be directed to Dr. Blumberg or the coordinator of your genre, Professors Fallenberg  and Sulak