"English - Linguistics" BA: Double Major, planned with Hebrew Language

The planned "English - Linguistics" double major with Hebrew Language is for students who want their studies to be divided equally between linguistics (in the English Literature and Linguistics department) and the Hebrew Language department. The total number of credits in lingusitics in this program is 28, as listed below.

First year required courses (9 credits)

  • Introduction to Linguistics (184)
  • Syntax (287)
  • Semantics (289)

Second year required courses (5 credits)

  • Psycholinguistics (522)
  • 1 of the following (more can be taken and counted as regular electives):
    • Advanced Phonology (586)
    • Advanced Syntax (587)
    • Advanced Semantics (589)

Elective courses and seminars (14 credits)

    At least 2 seminars (4xx)
  • 5 more courses (5xx) or seminars (4xx); or courses 286, 517 (including their tutorials) and 2 others