Direct MA

The Department offers a direct MA program for highly qualified undergraduate students. Students in this program can complete an MA without a thesis within four years of beginning their undergraduate studies or an MA with a thesis within five years.

Applying for the Direct MA

  • Second year students: Students with at least an 88 average in 8 or more courses (16 credits) in their first year who are interested in the Direct MA should register for second and third year required courses following the requirements of the Direct MA, rather than the requirements for the expanded BA major.
  • Third year students: Those who have been accepted by the Department to continue to the Direct MA are required to enroll in 4 MA courses (8 credits) in addition to their BA required courses. At the end of their third year, when they ask for their zakaut, they should request that these 4 courses not be included in their BA degree. Students should apply online via the BIU website for their MA in their 2nd semester.
  • Fourth year students: Those accepted by the Department and by the MA Committee (Vaada le-Toar Sheni) as Direct MA students are considered MA students during the fourth year of their studies. The Direct MA program is a 5 year program.

The direct MA is for students who can devote themselves virtually full time to university studiesStudents must finish their BA degree within three years; students who do not will be dropped from the direct MA program.

Required credits for the BA studies sector of the Direct MA

A student for the BA in the direct MA programme takes:

  • 42 hours (instead of 46) in the English Literature & Linguistics department
  • 10 hours in Jewish courses
  •   2 hours in General courses
  •   4 hours in the Department or in General courses 

These credits add up to 58 credits, whereas the non-Direct MA students are required to take 64 credits. Though students apply in their second year to the English Literature & Linguistics department and in their third year to the MA Committee, they only officially begin their MA in their fourth year of studies. Students must fully complete their BA before actually being considered MA students.

Students who would like to be or are currently enrolled as Direct MA students may not take a leave of absence for a year.

Linguistics Direct MA requirements