Linguistics in Clinical Research: MA with thesis

The Linguistics in Clinical Research MA with thesis (=Track A) consists of 2 required courses, taken in the first semester of the first year, followed by of seminars, which can be chosen freely from the graduate seminars offered each year. The full requirements are:

  • Prerequisite courses (השלמות): up to 16 credits, decided upon by the MA advisor based on the student's background
  • Psycholinguistics and Research Methods (922)
  • Introduction to Syntax and Semantics (987)
  • 5 seminars (8xx/9xx); it is usually recommended to take 3 of these in the first year and 2 in the second
  • Guided Reading (868): usually taken in the second year
  • Thesis (762)

Additional Requirements:

  • Oral thesis defense
  • Attendance at Department colloquia is obligatory
  • Long papers must be submitted in two graduate seminars (long paper = 30 pp.; short paper = 7-8 pp.)
  • All exceptions to the requirements are subject to written approval by the supervisor/coordinator/chair