English Literature Research Units

The Lechter Institute for Literary Research

The Lechter Institute, founded in 1981 by Professor Harold Fisch sponsors academic work in the Humanities - across the spectrum of disciplines at Bar Ilan University.  The Institute,  in association with the Lewis Family Fund, sponsors international conferences in the Humanities, and encourages the pursuit of original scholarship among developing scholars through partial funding of travel to international conferences.  Lechter and Lewis together work to make Bar Ilan a hub for international scholarship in the Humanities.

Inquiries about future funding possibilities should be directed to Professor Ilana Blumberg ilana.blumberg@biu.ac.il 

The Kaplan Program in American Literature

Founded in 1983 through the generous donation of J.M. Kaplan and the efforts of Prof. Paul Baris and directed for many years by Dr. Sharon Baris, the Kaplan Program enhances the study of Ameican literature through a variety of scholarly and creative activities.  

The Anne Shachter-Smith Memorial Project in Literature

The Anne Shachter-Smith Memorial Project in Literature was established in 2002 through the generous donation of Mr. Israel Shachter. The Project's purpose is to enrich the study and creation of English-language literature in Israel and to maintain and strengthen Israel's cultural connections with English-speaking countries around the world.