*NEW* M.A. in English Literature Tailored to English Teachers

Transform Your Teaching Career with an MA from the Department of English Literature and Linguistics at Bar-Ilan University

If you have a passion for literature
and seek to elevate English education in Israel, join us.

Dive deeply into literature, develop advanced teaching methods,
and join a community of passionate educators.

Only one day on campus is required.

Individualized advising.

Duration of program: 2-3 years

Course of study:

  1. Two literary education seminars (tailored to English teachers)
  2. Teaching colloquia
  3. At least four graduate literature seminars
  4. Up to four literature electives

Degree earned: M.A. in English Literature

Become a leader in English education in Israel.

for more information, please contact Dr. Carra Glatt Carra.Glatt@biu.ac.il
or our Graduate Registrar Judie Liri Judie.Liri@biu.ac.il