Linguistics MA: Track B (without thesis)

The Linguistics MA without a thesis (=Track B) consists mostly of seminars, which can be chosen freely from the graduate seminars offered each year; and a small number of advanced BA seminars or electives.

The full requirements are:

  • 3 MA seminars (8xx/9xx)
  • 4 MA Pro-seminars (8xx/9xx)
  • 3 BA seminars (4xx) or electives (5xx)
  • Linguistics Colloquium (8680): usually taken in the second year
  • Final oral exam (889)

Prerequisite courses (השלמות): up to 10 credits, decided upon by the MA advisor based on the student's background

Additional Requirements:

  • Attendance at Department colloquia is obligatory
  • Long papers must be submitted in three graduate seminars (long paper = 30 pp.; short paper = 7-8 pp.)
  • All exceptions to the requirements are subject to written approval by the supervisor/coordinator/chair
  • Students who have not fulfilled all the departmental requirements (all final grades must be in the file) will not be permitted to take the final exam