Approved Proposals - Prof. Evan Fallenberg


Avitzour Sara. Burma, 2014.    Available in the library


Bar-Yam Yavni. Tale of Tales, 2017.    Available in the library


Becker Gahl. White Lead and Other Stories, 2012.


DeGregoria Sara. Lives on the Border: A Series of Portraits, 2012.  Available in the library


Elstein Keisler Max. The Crown of Cain, 2016.


Frankel Ruti. The Unveilin, 2019.  Available in the library


Genut Iluz Batsheva. Sowing Salt, 2016.


Ghannam Najlaa'. The Shoes of his Majesty, 2016.  Available in the library


Goldmeier Estie.These Mountains We Carry, 2018. 


Green Katie. A Double Life, 2012.


Guri Allison. The Book of Missing Words, 2013.  Available in the library


Hackel Gil. Above the Influence, 2015.    Available in the library


Hazan Nicole. The Fourteenth Flour, 2014.


Hinkis Anat. The Bonds of Love and Boundaries of the Self, 2019.


Kamin Noam. Those Who Tearfully Sow, 2018.


Khoury Bishara Christine. Order No. C345. Short Stories by Sheikha Helawy, 2020.


Lesselbaum Chava. A Translation of a Forgotten Israeli Author, 2020.


Lonnfors Sanna. Meine geliebten, goldenen Kinder: Silenced voices from the Holocaust, 2013.


Mandel Nathan. Goodwill Gone Wrong, 2017.


Morgenstern David. The Name of Action, 2014.  Available in the library


Nissan Ana-Ella. The Last Light on the Christmas Tree, 2015.  Available in the library


Ramage Eliana. Indian Girls, 2014.  Available in the library


Rubin Judith Colp. Postcards, 2015.


Schaefer Brian Louis. The Last Days of Tel Aviv, 2012.


Shaoul Tinka. Vaslav: A Translation of Vaslav, by Arthur Japin, 2018. 


Shields Ben. The Daedalus Complex, 2020.


Singer Rochelle F. Pink Elephants, 2012.  Available in the library


Weil Judith. Misheberach and Other Stories, 2017.


Zaiden Azriel. The Unspeakable, 2012.  Available in the library