Approved Proposals - Prof. Joel Walters


Joffe Susan. Identity, Motivation, and Second Language Proficiency, 2011.   Available in the library


Kupersmitt Judy. Relating to Time in Narrative and Expository Texts: A crosslinguistic, developmental study of linguistic temporality, 2003.   Available in the library


Malkiel Brenda. The Transition from "Natural" to Professional Translation, 2003.   

Available in the library


Soesman Aviva. Syntax and Directionality in Bilingual Codeswitching: Sentence Repetition with Typically Developing and Language Impaired English-Hebrew Bilingual Children, 2014.


Yochanna Miri. Narrative Abilities in Preschool English-Hebrew Bilingual Children, 2010.   

Available in the library