Linguistics Colloquium: Bracha Nir

01/12/2020 - 14:00 - 15:30

Bracha Nir, University of Haifa

Title: Between Morphology and Syntax: Argument Structure Constructions in Hebrew 

The presentation considers verbs and clause-level syntactic constructions in Modern Hebrew under the view of Construction Grammar. The aim of the talk is to examine the division of labor between morphology and syntax in the expression of Argument Structure Constructions, focusing specifically on the so-called causative constructions (hicxik ~ garam li licxok 'made me laugh'). By presenting data from the corpus analysis of adult usage I compare the contribution of the morphological pattern to sentence meaning, on the one hand, and of the syntactic construction, on the other, as well as their interaction with the semantic frame provided by the tri-consonantal verbal root. The discussion will focus on the implications of the analysis in terms of the understanding of the function of verbal templates and their relation to the grammatical system of Hebrew, and in terms of the less investigated levels of grammatical form-function relations in Construction Grammar -- morphology and discourse. 


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