Applying for an MA in English Literature

Applying to our MA Programs in English Literature

Entry requirements: B.A. grade average of 85 is a required minimum for students who wish to be accepted into the M.A. program in English Literature. Please note that acceptance decisions are not based on grades alone but on the student's overall academic ability and writing skills.

Prerequisite studies: Students applying for admission to the English Literature must hold a BA degree, preferably in English literature. MA applicants whose BA is not in English literature will be asked to complete a number of prerequisite courses (hashlamot) in English and American literature before they can be officially accepted to the MA program.

Prerequisite course programs (hashlamot) are assigned by the program coordinator and must be approved by the University M.A. Committee. Students doing prerequisite courses must normally earn a grade average of 85 in these courses in order to be accepted to the Department as a regular student in the M.A. program.

Please note: We offer a concentration of graduate courses on Wednesday (or Tuesday for creative writing students), to accommodate our students' work schedules. However, if you your previous degree is not in English literature, you will probably be asked to take several undergraduate courses (taught on Monday and Wednesday) before you can be formally accepted as an MA student. Applicants whose BA degree is not in English literature should therefore expect to take classes on both Mon and Wed mornings during their first year.

You are invited to write to Dr. Carra Glatt, the assistant graduate coordinator, with questions at

How to Apply for the MA in English Literature

Important Notice: Before your application can go to the Bar-Ilan University MA committee, it must first be approved by the Department of English Literature and Linguistics. Those who register through the university first who are later rejected by the department will not be refunded the initial registration fee. Therefore, please be sure to contact us before applying through the university's general online system.

Applications for the MA program are submitted through the Slideroom platform. If you wish to apply, please do the following: 

Step One- Apply to the Literature Program: To apply for the 2022-23 academic year, please click the following link:

You will need to have all of the following materials prepared for uploading to the system:

  1. Documentation for your previous academic degrees, including transcripts of your grades.
  2. A writing sample of an academic essay in English -- preferably on a topic in literature.
  3. A short (up to one page) statement of purpose explaining why you want to pursue a graduate degree in English.
  4. An up-to-date curriculum vitae.

Step Two: Should you receive a notice from the Department of English Literature and Linguistics recommending your acceptance, you must then apply though the university's general online system. You can do so by filling out the following form in English- and can pay the application fee here-

NOTE : Under the section called "Maslul Limudim", be sure to fill in the appropriate track- this is the track that you were accepted to via email from the department.


Last day to apply through the department: June 30, 2022

Last day to apply through the university's online registration: August 31, 2022


Applying for an MA in English Literature - Focus on Creative Writing

If you wish to apply for the MA in English Literature with a focus on Creative Writing, follow the instructions on this page.


Last Updated Date : 27/03/2022