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Books by Our Students and Alumni:  


  Yakov Azriel

Closet Sonnets. The Life of C.S. Crown (Sheep Meadow Press)

“In Closet Sonnets, Yakov Azriel turns life as a closeted gay male into an aesthetic form as rigorous as that of the sonnets that make up this fictional autobiography: the speaker’s self-limitation becomes a means of imaginative and rhetorical intensification. Through a shifting weave of images and metaphors—mermen, ancient Greeks, Martians, dream-lovers and real men glimpsed through the bars of heterosexual marriage—Azriel’s character maps every inch of his psychic closet, and, like Dylan Thomas at the end of ‘Fern Hill,’ ‘sighs in his chains like the sea.’”—Joy Ladin

 Julie Baretz

The Bible on Location: Off the Beaten Path in Ancient and Modern Israel

(The Jewish Publication Society, 2015)

In this innovative guidebook Julie Baretz takes readers to twenty-one off-the-beaten-path locations in Israel where Bible stories are said to have happened. At each site she sets the scene by relating the historical context of the event, then follows with the biblical text itself and her own lively commentary.

  Judy Brown (Eishes Chayil)


(Walker/Bloomsbury, 2010)

A frank look inside the hushed-up world of a Brooklyn Hasidic community.  "This is powerful stuff" (Booklist).  A "Best Book of the Year "(Kirkus Reviews).

Joanna Chen

Translated by Joanna Chen
(Shearsman Books, May 2016)
From the publisher's website: "Devoted in its irreverence and gently ferocious in its devotions, Less Like a Dove presents, in Joanna Chen's attentive and attuned translation, a robust selection of the work that has brought Agi Mishol to the forefront of contemporary Israeli poetry." —Peter Cole

  Vanessa Fogel

Sag es Mir: Roman

(Weissbooks, 2010)

A coming of age novel told in the intimate and feminine tone of Fela, a 21 year-old student who flies from New York to her Holocaust survivor grandfather who lives in Berlin.

Hertzmann's Coffee: Roman

(Weissbooks, 2014)

A novel about the complex ties that bind a family together. Set against the backdrop of today’s economic and social climate, the novel tells a unique story of love and hate that follows three main characters  worlds and fates are intertwined in every possible way.

 Mitch Ginsburg

Sayed Kashua, Second Person Singular, translated by Mitch Ginsburg (Grove Press)

Winner of the Bernstein Award
Named one of the Best Books of 2013 (Fiction in Translation) by The Independent


  Sophie Judah

Dropped from Heaven: Stories

(Random House, 2007)

A marvelous collection of richly told, deeply moving stories about everyday life of a community of Indian Jews as its ancient culture confronts the modern world.

  Simone Korkus

De belofte en het land

(Meulenhoff, 2009)

Compassionate descriptions of the lives of Israelis and Palestinians on both sides of the separation fence.  Shortlisted for the M.J. Brusseprijs prize for Dutch journalism.

Alte Sachen

(Boekscout, 2013)

Every person has a secret he cannot share with anybody. These extraordinary stories take readers into a surrealistic world of loners, victims of their own secrecy. 

  Jane Medved

  Deep Calls to Deep 

New Rivers Press

Winner of the Many Voices Project

Deep Calls to Deep introduces Jane Medved, a poet fully formed, who weaves family life with biblical narrative, the ancient desert landscape of Israel with images of a city in a contemporary war. This is a powerful meditation on the notion of safety. Medved asks how we create a sense of it for ourselves in this world that serves up violence in the name of justice or empire or victory. This is a wise and important book.

Olam, Shana, Nefesh

(Finishing Line Press, 2014)

“Medved’s shattering poems emanate from the quotidian, yet it is a quotidian that recognizes that the sacred exists most vitally in the everyday.”  Sarah Wetzel

  Anthony Michael Morena

The Voyager Record

(Rose Metal Press, 2016)

A series of hybrid prose fragments that fantasize about the sounds, greetings, images and music sent into space on the Voyager spacecrafts in 1977.

  Yael Unterman


Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher and Bible Scholar

(Urim Publications, 2009)

An analytical biography of Professor Nehama Leibowitz, a key Jewish figure of the twentieth century. A finalist in the 2009 National Jewish Book Awards.

The Hidden of Things: Twelve Stories of Love and Longing

(Yotzeret Publishing, 2013)

Twelve interlinked short stories about young Jewish singles in Jerusalem, London & New York, struggling to find love, identity & God.

  Janice Weizman

The Wayward Moon

(Yotzeret Publishing, 2012)

A young woman's journey through the Middle East in the 9th century. What begins as a flight from her enemies turns into a harrowing yet wondrous odessey of self discovery. 

  Shantam Zohar

Mideast Tango: A Story of War and Awakening

(Peace Press, 2010)

A gripping tale of friendship, love, loyalty and loss, set against the backdrop of the first Palestinian uprising.