Dr. Gabi Danon

Dr. Gabi Danon
Office Hours: 

Fields of interest

  • Morphosyntactic features and their representation (especially nominal features)
  • Agreement and its relation to semantics
  • Experimental syntax
  • Using corpora in syntactic research; treebanks and dependency structures
  • Gradience and variation in syntax
  • Syntactic alternations
  • Grammatical number and syntactic plurality
  • The internal syntax of noun phrases
  • The syntax of quantifiers, numerals and (other?) determiners
  • Genitive constructions
  • The syntactic encoding of definiteness and its relation to the structure of the noun phrase and to interpretation
  • Case and differential object marking
  • Features and underspecification
  • Feature-based grammar formalisms


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Courses in the academic year 2019-2020

Semester A:

  • 287: Syntax (lecture; 1st year BA)
  • 872: Features in Syntax (seminar; BA/MA/PhD)

Semester B:

  • 545: Case and Agreement (lecture; 2nd/3rd year BA)
  • 546: Natural Language Processing: Basic Concepts (lecture; 2nd/3rd year BA)


The syntax of  features and agreement, and the role of grammatical features at the interface between syntax and other modules of grammar. Specific research projects deal with the syntax of quantified noun phrases and the use of non-agreeing subjects; and on constraints on genitive constructions in Modern Hebrew. Current work uses experimental methods and corpora for identifying robust and detailed empirical data on which abstract theoretical analyses can be based.

Here's a pretty (but) meaningless visualisation of keywords from some of my published work: