Prof. Yael Greenberg

Associate Professor
Bldg. 404 room 211
Reception Hours
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    Fields of Interest

    My main reserach areas formal semantics and the semantics-pragmatics interface. 

    Among other things, I have worked on the following research topics:

    • The semantics and pragmatics of alternative-sensitive expressions (exclusives, additives, scalars, incrementals etc.), their interaction with prosodical patterns, and the parameters along which they vary, both inter- and intra-linguistically.

    • The linguistic encoding of scales and the relationship between scalar particles and degree-based  / gradability-related constructions

    • The linguistic encoding of different kinds of approximation, intensification, and vaguness.

    • Metalinguistic , discourse-based and speech-act related phenomena

    • Linguistic encoding of expectations and 'normality' (as with generics and various other modal constructions), as well as with their violations (as in 'mirative' constructions and expressions)

    • Hebrew linguistics


    A Selection of courses taught over the past 10 years:



    Introduction to Semantics

    Advanced Semantics

    Meaning and Use

    Polarity and Scalarity

    Issues in the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface



    Approximation across domains

    Context Sensitivity in the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface

    Accented operators at the semantics-pragmatics interface

    Expressions of additivity and scalarity

    Scalarity and discourse

    Scale sensitive constructions

    Expectations, alternatives and discourse updates

    Incremental expressions and the semantics-pragmatics interface
















    • Greenberg, Yael & Orestein, Dina (2013), “Exclusives in Hebrew: A Core Meaning and Varying Parameters”, in N. Melnik (ed.)  Proceedings of IATL 29, MITWPL 73. 


    • Dina Orenstein & Yael Greenberg, (2013) "A Flexible Exclusive Particle: The Case of the Hebrew be-sax ha-kol ("all in all"), in E. Chemla, V. Homer, G. Winterstein (eds.) Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17 p. 363-380 ISSN: 2629-6055,




    • Greenberg, Yael, (2012) "Event-based Additivity in English and in Modern Hebrew", in Verbal Plurality and Distributivity, B. Laca and P. Cabrado Hofherr (eds.), p. 127-158. Linguistische Arneiten, de Gruyter. Doi:






    • Greenberg, Yael, (2010) “Event Internal Pluractionality in Modern Hebrew: A  Semantic Analysis of One Verbal Reduplication Pattern”, Brill's Journal of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics, 2(1), p. 119-164. Preprint



    • Greenberg, Yael, (2009) “Predication and Identity in Hebrew non-pseudocleft copular sentences”, in S. Armon-Lotem, G. Danon and S. Rothstein (eds.) Current Issues in Generative Hebrew Linguistics, p. 161-196 John Benjamins.









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