Dr. Taylor Johnston-Levy



Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Department of Foreign Literatures & Linguistics| 2021-22

Postdoctoral fellowship in American Literature & Culture

Advisor: Barbara Hochman

Areas of Research: American literature & culture (19th century-present); African American fiction; critical race theory; literary realism (19th century-present)


Tel Aviv University – Center for the Study of the United States in Partnership with the

Fulbright Program| 2019-20

Postdoctoral fellowship in American Studies

Advisor: Milette Shamir


University of California, Berkeley – Departments of Comparative Literature & English

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature| August 2019

Dissertation: Postmodern Realism and That Class Which Is Not One

Committee: Dorothy Hale (advisor), Colleen Lye, Barbara Spackman, Dora Zhang

Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory


M.A. in English, Creative Writing emphasis| May 2018

Thesis: Thoughts Are Free (short story collection)

Advisor: Vikram Chandra


Middlebury College – English & American Literatures and Italian Studies

B.A., with highest honors (2007) | M.A. (2010)


Awards and Fellowships

Critical Theory Research Grant – Program in Critical Theory, UC Berkeley | 2019

Awarded to three candidates in Designated Emphasis program annually


Dissertation Completion Fellowship – Graduate Division, UC Berkeley | 2017-18

Funding to support dissertation research


Pre-Dissertation Research Grant – Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley | 2016

Funding for archival research at the Library of Congress  


Sidney and Margaret Ancker Fellowship – Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley | 2012-13

Funding to support first year of graduate study


Pedagogy & Curriculum Design

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award – UC Berkeley | 2016-17

Recognized for exceptional pedagogical practice by GSI Teaching & Resource Center


Program Assessment Fellowship – Center for Teaching & Learning, UC Berkeley| 2017

Funding for semester-long training in program assessment and work facilitating the Department of Near Eastern Studies’ review and curriculum redesign


Daniel E. Koshland Jr. Course Development Grant – UC Berkeley | 2017, 2018

Funding for students’ development and production of class magazine


Daniel E. Koshland Jr. Professional Self-Development Grant – UC Berkeley | 2017, 2018

Funding to attend Conference on College Composition & Communication (2017, 2018) and the American Studies Association’s Annual Meeting on “Pedagogies of Dissent” (2017)


“Art of Writing” Koshland Fellowship – Townsend Center, UC Berkeley | 2016

Funding to support summer training in composition pedagogy with Joe Harris (Professor of English, University of Delaware) and workshops with other composition scholars


Mellon-funded Grant – Cal Performances, UC Berkeley, in support of “Reading Performance” and

“The Art in Artifice” (Reading & Composition courses) | 2014, 2015

Funding for students to attend live theater, dance, and readings; workshops and discussions with professional performing artists


Creative Writing

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Student Scholarship| 2006

Funding to support attendance at fiction workshop with Helen Schulman


Vermont Studio Center Writing Residency| 2006

Month-long summer fiction writing residency and workshop


Selected Talks & Conference Papers

Invited Talks

“White Affect in African American Literature”| Spring 2021

Tel Aviv University, School of Cultural Studies


“Antiracism and the Economy of White Joy” | Spring 2021

University of Southern Denmark, Department for the Study of Culture


“U.S. Pandemic Fiction and the Politics of Infection” | Fall 2020

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Foreign Literatures & Linguistics


Conference Papers

“20th-Century Pandemic Fiction, 21st-Century Anti-mask-ism” | Spring 2021

American Comparative Literature Association


“Reflections on North and South”

Study of English Literatures in Israel, Be’er Sheva| Spring 2020


“Whiteness and Literary Studies”

American Studies Association, Honolulu| Fall 2019


“‘With her little finger sticking out’: Whiteness, Class, and the Ethnographic Detail

in Alice Walker” | Summer 2019

Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College


“(Neo)Neorealist Film and White Lower-Middle-Class Affect”

American Comparative Literature Association, Georgetown | Spring 2019


“‘Perhaps only from watching gulls fly’: Critical Protestantism and the White Lower Middle Class in

Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping| Spring 2018

American Literature Association, San Francisco


“Dialectic of Boredom: the Twenty-First-Century Entertainment Imperative” | Spring 2018

American Comparative Literature Association, Los Angeles


“‘Canvass and mere tones’: Knausgaard’s History of Art in

A Death in the Family| Summer 2017

American Comparative Literature Association, Utrecht


“The Evacuation of Commodified Space in Carver’s ‘Cathedral’” | Spring 2014

American Literature Association, Boston


Roundtables & Faculty Seminar Presentations

 “Pedagogy in a State of Emergency” | Winter 2022

Modern Language Association, Washington D.C.


“White Affect in Richard Wright’s Native Son| Spring 2021

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of English


White Racialization and Trumpism”| Fall 2020

Tel Aviv University, Center for the Study of the U.S.


“Literature and the Arts After Corona”| Spring 2020

Tel Aviv University, Center for the Study of the U.S.


“Particular Invisibility: Auto-Ethnographic Deconstructions of Whiteness”| Spring 2020

Tel Aviv University, Center for the Study of the U.S.



Selected Courses

Department of English Literature & Linguistics, Bar-Ilan University

Teaching Fellow – “Academic Writing on American Minimalism” (English 106) | Fall 2021

Introduction to U.S. minimalist fiction of the 1970s and 80s and its contemporary afterlife.


Department of English & American Studies, Tel Aviv University

Teaching Fellow – “Whiteness and the Study of U.S. Literature” (Grad Seminar) | Spring 2021

Representations of whiteness in 20th- and 21st-century American literature and film, in dialogue with critical race theory and the history of U.S. race relations


Department of English, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Teaching Fellow – “Selected Shakespeare Plays” (Core Course) | Spring 2021

Survey with attention to aspects of Shakespeare that anticipate 20th-century social theory


Department of English, UC Berkeley

Lead Instructor “Black on White/White on White” (Reading & Composition) | Summer 2018

Critiques of whiteness by both ethnic-minority and white scholars in critical race theory and pedagogy, sociology, history, and American literature and film; two sections taught; part of the Summer Bridge Program for first-year students from under-resourced high schools


Department of Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley

Lead Instructor – “Black on White/White on White” (Reading & Composition) | Spring 2019

(see description above)

Lead Instructor – “Consumed and Consuming: Bodies in Narrative Representations of

Poverty” (Reading & Composition) | Spring 2017

Depictions of suffering in African American and Chinese naturalism, film, documentary journalism, and critical theory

Lead Instructor – “Reading and Writing Other People” (Reading & Composition) | Fall 2016

Ethics of alterity in African American, Italian, and Chinese naturalism and critical theory

Lead Instructor – “The Art in Artifice” (Reading & Composition) | Fall 2015

Meta-artistic gesture in British drama, Italian fiction, American poetry, and critical theory; live theater, dance, and readings; included student collaborations with professional performing artists; Mellon-funded

Lead Instructor – “Literature in the Age of Ritalin” (Reading & Composition) | Spring 2015

Boredom and distraction in British, American, Latin American, and Israeli fiction; live performance; critical theory

Lead Instructor – “Reading Performance” (Reading & Composition) | Fall 2014

Narrative form and adaptations of literature in live theater, dance, and readings; Russian fiction; Italian drama; Shakespeare; included student collaboration with professional performing artists and StoryCorps; Mellon-funded



Peer-reviewed Articles

“Whiteness and the Affective Economy of Happy Antiracism in Native Son and Meridian,”

forthcoming in Twentieth-Century Literature (Duke UP)


“‘Perhaps only from watching gulls fly’: Critical Protestantism and the White Lower Middle Class in

Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping,” Arizona Quarterly, 75.2, Summer 2019 (Duke UP)


“The Corpse as Novelistic Form: Knausgaard’s Deconstruction of Proustian Memory,” Critique:

Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 59.3, Winter 2017 (Taylor & Francis)


“‘Inside anything’: the Evacuation of Commodified Space in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral,’” The

Raymond Carver Review 5/6, Spring 2017 (Kent State)


Other Academic Publications

Review of Secular Translations: Nation-State, Modern Self, and Calculative Reason, by Talal Asad, Poetics

Today, 41.3, Fall 2020 (Duke UP)


Critical introductions to Alice Walker, Marilynne Robinson, and Raymond Carver, Twentieth-

Century and Contemporary American Literature in Context, ABC-CLIO, June 2021.


Contributed entries to multi-volume book on American literature, 20th century to present, with emphasis on historical, cultural, and political context.


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