Prospective Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to apply to one of the programs?

Entry requirements: The English Department requires a B.A. grade average of 85 as a minimum for students who wish to be accepted into an M.A. program.

Prerequisite studies: Students applying for admission to the Literature M.A. programs are expected to have completed an undergraduate program in English literature. Creative writing applications will be received from students with any B.A. degree or equivalent. The nature of the undergraduate degree (discipline, institution, date of graduation) will determine whether prerequisite courses (hashlamot) must be completed before enrollment in the program.

If you have a BED degree in English, or an undergraduate major other than English, you are probably going to need to take a set of survey courses in English and American literature chosen from the undergraduate literature program.

Prerequisite course programs (hashlamot) are assigned by the graduate coordinator and must be approved by the University M.A. Committee. Students doing prerequisite courses must normally earn a grade average of 85 in these courses in order to be accepted to the Department as a regular student in the M.A. program.

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How long does it take to complete an M.A.?

The University assumes that it takes two years to finish an M.A. degree, but a third year is usually approved at the student's request. It is our experience that most of our students, as they are usually working while studying, do in fact take the full three years to finish.

Recognize before you commit yourself to the program that the due dates for course obligations must be taken seriously. You won't be allowed to let overdue seminar papers pile up on the assumption that you can do them "later." Although the Department tries to be understanding, the University may not to let you enroll for a second year if you haven't completed your first year's obligations.

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Is there any scholarship aid?

There are a limited number of scholarships and grants administered by the University M.A. Scholarships Committee. Funding is allocated on the basis of financial need as well as merit. Sometimes, a lecturer in the Department may hire an assistant for their funded research. Note that even if you receive financial aid from the University, you will not be informed of this until the school year has begun, after the first payment is already due.

A loan of up to $1000 is available through the office of the Dean of Students.

Fliers describing scholarships are periodically posted on the bulletin board outside of Shleiffer 304.

New immigrant students, depending on age and date of aliyah, may be eligible for scholarship aid from the Student Admininstration (Minhal Hastudentim). Ask your aliyah shaliach.
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Can I talk to someone about what's best for me?

The graduate coordinator will be happy to talk to you about your individual needs. You are encouraged to come to the Bar-Ilan campus, talk to the coordinator and students, and sit in on a class or two.
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How do I apply?

Applications to our MA programs must first be approved by the department. Therefore, follow the instructions on this page to submit an application directly to the department. Once your application has been approved, you may register through the university's online system. Please contact our secretary for graduate studies, Mrs. Chana Redner (, for further help with this process.

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