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Faculty publications: Decency, by Marcela Sulak

About Decency (Black Lawrence Press, 2015) by Prof. Marcela Sulak: "Decency celebrates the spunky wenches, the unfortunate queens, the complicated translators, the wistful wives who have been hustled off the spotlit stages of history. Through the lens of Victorian manuals of etiquette, through the unfolding of religion from the Middle East to the American Southwest, Decency thinks through the brutal things we do to one another, recording the ways the individual operates in relation to society’s mores and harms. From the Sumerian queen Puabi to contemporary female recruits to the Israeli intelligence’s 'Honeytrap' operation, Decency is a mix of the documentary and the lyrical, the wrathful and the joyful."




Last Updated Date : 03/09/2020