Linguistics Colloquium: Menahem Yeari

20/06/2017 - 14:00 - 15:30

Menahem Yeari, Bar Ilan University

Topic: Online inferential and textual processing by good and poor comprehenders during Reading Comprehension
Abstract: Inference generation refers to the activation of information from prior knowledge which implied by the text but not explicitly mentioned in it. Inferences support the clarification, connection and elaboration of textual ideas, and thus are crucial for successful text comprehension and memory. Individuals who struggle with text comprehension are often exhibit poor inferential activity. In this talk I will present studies I conducted to explore the cognitive mechanisms that underlie online inferential processing by good and poor comprehenders, using methodologies such as response-time probing and computational modeling. Findings from these studies illuminate how inferences support comprehension and why it fails in some cases. Conclusions have important implications on the development of remedy strategies and programs.


Building 604, room 11