Approved Proposals - Prof. Michael P. Kramer


Adar Julie. A Change of Clothes, 2015.  Available in the library


Broder Nicole. Hunger, 2012.   Available in the library


Evans Edward. Radio Tel Aviv, 2014.


Gabay Sara. Rendering the Holocaust through Fantasy, 2010.


Halachmi Natalie Sarah. Losing Faith, 2014.


Hyman Suzanne. It’s a girl thing!, 2012.


Korkus Simone. Grey area, 2015.    Available in the library


Lankri Alon. The Golems of Prague, 2020.


Rosenblum Allison. Girl, 2013.   Available in the library


Ruben Alana. Sacred Marriage, 2016.  Available in the library.


Sha-ked Tzippy. The Kaleidoscope Tribe And Other Stories, 2013. 

Available in the library.


Shaneh Raizel. Are You my Daddy?, 2015. Available in the library.


Stein Rimona. Escape in Holocaust Literature, 2012.


Steinfeld Nurit. A collection of stories about Holocaust Survivors, 2012.


Winkler Eugenie. Just Built Wrong, 2013.