Approved Proposals - Dr. Marcela Sulak


Ackerman-Magnezi Gwen. Woman King, 2017.


Chen Joanna. Check, Point- 2011.   Available in the library


Dorfman Elana. The Journey to Liberty, 2017


Fisher Natalie. Lone Woman, 2014.   Available in the library


Geurts Geula. Garments of Light, 2015.


HaKarmi-Weinberg Batnadiv. Simanim/ Signs, 2016.


Jaml Iman. Qasida, 2015.


Kimmel Haffetz Erica. Elevation, 2017.  Available in the library


Kirsch Denyse. When the Chrysalis Cracks, 2018.


Kreinzin Shoshana Sarah. TraVerse Babel, 2014.


Maidenberg Jennifer. Found, 2014.


Mansour Rasha. Schizophrenia, 2013.


Medved Jane. We Are All One Part Earth, 2012.   Available in the library


Morena Anthony Michael. Natural History, 2013.


Mosley Akilah. Life is Like a Box of Children, 2013.   Available in the library


Rogers Carl . Love, Life, and Mrs. Bojangles, 2017.


Michele Rosenthal. The Selected Poems of Roy Hasan, 2018.    Available in the library


Rother Miriam. True Beginners, 2014.


Santoro Gavriella Sara. Glare, 2010   Available in the library


Zohar Marva. Pilgrimage to Pangaea, 2013.  Available in the library