Approved Proposals - Prof. William Kolbrener

Evans Edward. “A Mirror Up To Nature”: Shakespeare’s Mirror Metaphors, 2019.


Goldman-Rosenthal Edna. Aristotle and Modernism: The Aesthetic Affinities of Joyce and Stevens, 1999.   Available in the library


Michelson Michal. "Our Religion and Liberties": Theology, Identity, and Authority in the Works of Three Early Modern Women, 2002.   Available in the library


Peled Pamela. Slipping into Something More Than Merely Comfortable: Cross Dressing and Androgyny in Shakespeare's Dramatic Resolutions, 2005.   Available in the library


Shnider Marilyn. A Union of Reason and Fancy: Margaret Cavendish's Aesthetic for the New Science, 2008.   


Zimble Jessica. Women in Motion: Narratives of Imprisonment and Escape in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction, 2016.