Approved Proposals - Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem


Abu Shakra Naila Tallas. Acquisition of verb and sentence structure in Palestinian Arabic: Typical and atypical development, 2018.


Ben-Oved Sarit Honey. Lexicon and Identity among Hebrew Monolingual and Bilingual Children from Amharic-Hebrew Settings, 2012.   Available in the library


Essa Lina Hashoul. Identifying risk factors for language development among Palestinian Arabic (PA) speaking children ages 18-36 months, using PA-CDI, 2018.


Meir Natalia. Language Proficiency in Bilingual Russian-Hebrew Speaking Children- Internal and External variables, 2013.   Available in the library


Ohana Odelya. The Lexicon of Bilingual Children in Israel, 2019.  


Reznick Julia. Regular and Irregular Morphology in Russian-Hebrew Bilingual Development, 2012.

 Available in the library