Linguistics Colloquium: Julia Festman

29/10/2019 - 14:10 - 15:30

Julia Festman, Pedagogical University Tyrol

Title: Research designs for investigating multilingualism: design, variables and sampling


The search for the bilingual advantage revealed quite clearly that the number of factors influencing contexts of multilingual acquisition and language use seem to increase continuously. This can be understood as an increasingly stronger awareness of the complexity of multilingualism as well as a better understanding of the complexity of research on multilingualism. One might ask: are group comparisons between mono- and bi/-multilinguals still useful? Which criteria should be used for sampling groups, for choosing tasks? In this talk, very fundamental questions regarding research on multilingualism will be discussed and examples will be provided from mixed-method studies with mono-, bi- and multilingual primary school students and adults. One focus will be on the investigation of bi- and trilingual switching habits, task performance and neural links. Another focus will be on the acquisition of reading and writing in primary school, the impact of cognition on bilingualism in this domain and a new path towards the bilingual davantage will be presented.


Place: Building 403 room 2


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