Major in English Literature

Note: Course requirements for the BA tracks in English literature are changing starting 2019-20. However, these changes will not affect students now entering their third year of studies, who will continue to follow the old requirements, listed on this page. If you are unsure how the changes in the requirements affect your studies, please consult with the office staff.

Major in English Literature - Requirements

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Credits required  (details below):
5 first-year courses 10
4 survey courses 8
4 electives (6xx) 8
2 seminars (4xx or 7xx) 4
Total: 30


Required first-year courses:

Total: 10 credits


Required survey courses

Total: 8 Credits


Majors in literature must take four courses in the 6xx range. These courses can be taken starting in the second year of studies.

Total: 4 credits


Majors in literature track must take two seminars, chosen from the 4xx- and 7xx-level range. Seminars can only be taken in the third year.

Total: 4 Credits