Linguistics Courses (2017-2018)

This page lists the linguistics courses planned for the 2017-2018 academic year. Click on a course number to open a link to a page with further details about that course. Further details can be found in the following two files:

Course list

1st year BA courses

The following are first year introductory courses. For those courses that have a tutorial, you must register for both the lecture and the tutorial.

No. Course Title Teacher Prerequisites
184 Introduction to Linguistics (lecture) Dr. Lior Laks  
184-2 Introduction to Linguistics (tutorial) Ms. Bridget Schvarcz  
286 Phonetics and Phonology (lecture) Dr. Lior Laks 184
286-2 Phonetics and Phonology (tutorial) Mr. Chen Gafni 184
287 Syntax (lecture) Dr. Gabi Danon  
287-2 Syntax (tutorial) Ms. Orit Tenne  
289 Semantics (lecture) Prof. Susan Rothstein 184
289-2 Semantics (tutorial) Ms. Maria Gepner 184

2nd/3rd year BA courses

The following BA courses are usually taken during the 2nd or 3rd year, but interested students may also sometimes take these in the second semester of their first year after completing all the prerequisites. Depending on your track (expanded major, double major, etc), these are either required courses or electives; see the BA programs page for details about the different tracks.

No. Course Title Teacher Prerequisites
108 Basic Reading and Academic Writing for Linguistics Ms. Susan Joffe 184
108-2 Basic Reading and Academic Writing for Linguistics (tutorial) Ms. Susan Joffe 184
517 Research Methods Dr. Natalia Meir 184, 287/987, 289/987
522 Psycholinguistics (lecture) Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad 184
522-2 Psycholinguistics (tutorial) Ms. Svetlana Pichman 184
529 Sociolinguistics Ms. Susan Joffe 184
582 Strings and Trees: Recovering Syntactic Structure Dr. Gabi Danon 287/987
584 Morphology Dr. Lior Laks 184, 286
587 Advanced Syntax Dr. Gabi Danon 287/987
589 Advanced Semantics Dr. Yael Greenberg 289/987
591 Meaning and Use Prof. Susan Rothstein 289/987

BA seminars

BA seminars are usually taken on the 3rd year, but can also be taken on the 2nd semester of the 2nd year. A seminar usually involves reading and discussion of research articles; at the end of the semester, students are required to write a paper on a topic of their choice. You may only register for a seminar for which you have completed all the prerequisites.

No. Course Title Teacher Prerequisites
480 Spoken and Written Language Dr. Rose Stamp 517/522/922
484 Crosslinguistic Influence among Bilingual Children - Developmental and Societal Aspects Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem 517/522/922
493 Noun Phrases Dr. Gabi Danon 287/987

In addition to the BA-specific seminars listed above, some advanced seminars listed under "MA/PhD seminars" below are also open to BA students and can be taken instead of BA seminars:

  • Registration to seminars 870 and 990 is open to all BA students who have taken the prerequisite courses.
  • Registration to seminars 877, 893, 941, 988 and 989 is open to 3rd year BA students who have taken the prerequisite courses.
  • Other MA/PhD seminars are not open to BA students.

MA/PhD seminars 

MA/PhD seminars usually involve reading and discussion of advanced research articles. At the end of the semester, students are required to write a paper on a topic of their choice.

No. Course Title Teacher Prerequisites
870 Acquisition of Early Literacy Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad 522/922
877 Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics of Sentence Processing Dr. Michal Ben-Shachar 287/987, 522/922
893 Morpho-Phonological Blocking Dr. Lior Laks 584/586
941 Construct Phrases and Other Genitive Constructions Prof. Susan Rothstein 589
988 Language Variation Dr. Rose Stamp 517/522/922
989 Typical and Atypical Bilingual Development Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem 517/522/922
990 Expressions of Additivity and Scalarity Dr. Yael Greenberg 289/987

In addition to the above graduate seminars, MA students are also allowed to participate in a small number of BA seminars during their studies (which would be counted for credit), subject to approval by the linguistics graduate coordinator.

Other MA/PhD Courses

Every MA/PhD student is required to register for Guided Reading (868) for one year during his/her studies; for MA students, this should usually be their 2nd year. Students registered to Guided Reading must attend the Linguistics Colloquium on Tuesday 14:00-15:30 regularly throughout the year; all other MA/PhD students (as well as interested BA students) are also encouraged to attend the colloquium.

Two courses, 922 and 987, are required courses for all new students in the Linguistics in Clinical Research (LCR) program. Other students whose BA is not in linguistics might also be required to take these courses.

No. Course Title Teacher Comments
868 Guided Reading (Colloquium)   Required
922 Psycholinguistics and Research Methods Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem Required 1st year LCR
987 Introduction to Syntax and Semantics Dr. Yael Greenberg Required 1st year LCR